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Iraqis lost all freedom when US attacked – a US legacy of how to torture another country

Iraqi Christian refugee AFP

Iraqis were attempting the nonviolent overthrow of their dictator prior to his violent overthrow by the United States in 2003. When U.S. troops began to ease up on their liberating and democracy-spreading in 2008, and during the Arab Spring of 2011 and the years that followed, nonviolent Iraqi protest movements grew again, working for change, including the overthrow of their ... Read More »

In a Middle East rebuilt on intolerant ideologies, there is likely to be little place for beleaguered minorities

Iraq, Mosul 2012, Getty

he past decade has been catastrophic for the Arab world’s beleaguered 12 million strong Christian minority, writes The Guardian. “In Egypt revolution and counter-revolution have been accompanied by a series of anti-Copt riots, killings and church burnings. In Gaza and the West Bank Palestinian Christians are emigrating en masse as they find themselves uncomfortably caught between Netanyahu’s pro-settler government and ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton – the defender of corporate capitalism in American politics

USA hillary-clinton-us-democrats-us REUTERS

RT: Even if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential race and upholds to her promises, there’ll still be 50 million people in abject poverty and generations living in debt, said Ben Manski, campaign manager for 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein. Hillary Clinton has officially confirmed she’s running for President. She addressed supporters in New York on Saturday. That was ... Read More »

BBC is anti-Christian, according to the Corporation’s own survey

Anti Christian Europe UK Eastenders

 The BBC is anti-Christian and ageist – according to a survey it carried out itself. Viewers also felt that minority groups were over-represented by the Corporation, writes the Daily Mail. “They expressed concerns over ‘tokenism’ and ‘box-ticking’ and warned the broadcaster against trying to ‘manipulate’ an equal society instead of reflecting reality. The survey was conducted as part of the ... Read More »

The Politics of Acceptance in a Game of Social Change


If there has been one theme that repeatedly gets discussed in the articles and stories I write, it is one that attempts to draw attention to the “change strategies” employed by leftist radicals, states Freedom Outpost. “Radical leftists are indeed attempting to change this nation from a constitutional republic to a social democracy. Many don’t understand the difference, nor do ... Read More »

Noam Chomsky – US Democracy in Serious Decline

Noam CHomsky Commondreams

  According to Chomsky, the United States is being thrown out of the Western hemisphere as a result of its policies. (Photo: Commondreams) Noam Chomsky, a historian, linguist and a prominent commentator on political affairs in the United States and the world, lashed Friday against media organizations in the U.S., describing them as mouthpieces for the government and their allies. To U.S. leaders, he explained in an interview with Russia Today, any news outlet that “does not repeat the U.S. propaganda system ... Read More »

Europe funds faulty narratives on Middle East: Gerald Steinberg

Israel Christians in East Jerusalem, Flash90

In May 2014, Zochrot—a radical Israeli nongovernmental organization (NGO)—was the focus of widespread mainstream media coverage featuring its iNakba mobile application (app), writes Prof. Gerald Steinberg. Articles on the app and Zochrot were published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Haaretz, The Christian Science Monitor, Time Magazine, and several prominent blogs. Most, including The New York Times, promoted ... Read More »

Why do people join ISIS?

Raymond Ibrahim: Speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations on March 13, CIA Director John Brennan said that “the Islamic State had ‘snowballed’ beyond Iraq and Syria, estimating that at least 20,000 fighters from more than 90 countries have gone to join the militant group, several thousand of them from Western nations, including the United States.” “Left unchecked, the group ... Read More »

The Middle East Today Looks Like Europe Right Before World War I

Middle East looks like Europe before WW1 NewsCome

For years, the great nations of Europe spent huge sums of money to build their military might. They assembled themselves into blocs, all the better to play a dangerous game of power politics. Slowly, surely, they were stumbling toward war. In June 1914, an assassin shot the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the powder keg was ... Read More »