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ISIS in Gaza

Isis in Gaza

The extremist terror organization is establishing a toehold inside Gaza, despite Hamas’ claims to the contrary.  Two-plus weeks into Gaza’s current battle with Israel, ceasefire negotiations are stalled, Israeli forces are mobilizing for a potential ground invasion from the north and east, and the Egyptian government to the south is indifferent. Gazans are finding themselves increasingly isolated. But not, it ... Read More »

Sharks and Sharia: Equally Misunderstood?

ISIS screenshot beheading of American Journalist

I recently spent some time watching Shark Week on television.  Being fascinated with large predatory fish, I’ve watched many shark programs throughout the years.  And I’ve reached one conclusion: the “liberal” response one is accustomed to when the topics of Islam, Islamists, and their law, Sharia, come up—that they are misunderstood, that we need to respect their ways and be ... Read More »

ISIS beheading of missing American journalist

ISIS screenshot beheading of American Journalist

Islamic State militants have released a graphic video allegedly depicting the beheading of American photojournalist James Wright Foley, who has been missing in Syria since 2012. (Photo: Screenshot from ISIS video showing the beheading) The Islamist group also threatened to kill another American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff of World Affairs and Time, stating his fate is in the hands of President ... Read More »

Jewish EXODUS from Europe once more: Harsh Anti-Semitic attacks

Jews flee Europe Newsweek

Jewish communities around the world are getting to grips with a recent upswing in anti-Semitic incidents after the latest Israeli-Hamas conflict. These have included physical assaults, firebombing of synagogues and calls for violence against Israelis. Organizations such as Britain’s Community Security Trust are cataloging occurrences and attempting to make some sort of sense out of the data. Meanwhile, the American ... Read More »

Christian and other minority women sold as ISIS sex slaves

Iraq Yazidi A Kurdish protester of the Yazidis ethnic minority holds a placard against Islamic State (IS) militants during a demonstration in Frankfurt August 9, 2014.

At least 500 Christian women were reportedly abducted from Mosul and marked to be sold as sex slaves by ISIS militants who stretched their dominance over Christians in Iraq further last week when they overran Qaraqosh, the nation’s largest Christian city where believers had been flocking to after being chased out of Mosul. (Photo: A Kurdish protester of the Yazidis ethnic ... Read More »

3000 women and girls kidnapped from Izadi Minority, Iraq

ISIS-Izadi-Kurds Iraq

Takfiri ISIL militants have reportedly kidnapped up to 3,000 women and girls from the Izadi community in northern Iraq over the past two weeks, Amnesty International says. (Photo: Izadi Kurds in Iraq) Donatella Rovera, the Amnesty’s senior crisis response adviser, said the kidnappings took place in villages east of Mount Sinjar, where people have taken up arms against the ISIL ... Read More »

ISIS funded by wealthy US allies: Now the world’s richest terrorist organization


The Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant is reportedly funded through criminal activity, such as the theft of a potential $425 million from a central bank in Mosul. The group is also receiving private donations from wealthy Sunnis in American-allied Gulf nations such as Kuwait, Qatar, and, possibly, Saudi Arabia. (Photo: ISIS Anbar province, Reuters) ISIS is now thought to ... Read More »

Kurdish region overwhelmed by displaced: 1.2 million now flee persecution from ISIS in Iraq

Iraq Displaced Yazidi fleeing violence in Iraqi town of Sinjar, re-enter Iraq from Syria, Dohuk province, Aug. 10, 2014.

The U.N. refugee agency reports tens of thousands of people who have escaped from Sinjar Mountain in northwest Iraq through Syria have gone back into Iraq’s Kurdish region over the past three days.  (Photo: Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar, re-enter Iraq from Syria. Reuters)  The UNHCR warns the deepening displacement ... Read More »