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Why do people join ISIS?

Raymond Ibrahim: Speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations on March 13, CIA Director John Brennan said that “the Islamic State had ‘snowballed’ beyond Iraq and Syria, estimating that at least 20,000 fighters from more than 90 countries have gone to join the militant group, several thousand of them from Western nations, including the United States.” “Left unchecked, the group ... Read More »

The Middle East Today Looks Like Europe Right Before World War I

Middle East looks like Europe before WW1 NewsCome

For years, the great nations of Europe spent huge sums of money to build their military might. They assembled themselves into blocs, all the better to play a dangerous game of power politics. Slowly, surely, they were stumbling toward war. In June 1914, an assassin shot the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the powder keg was ... Read More »

Sectarian conflict threatens entire Middle East

Yemen, Saana, Reuters

A coalition of 10 Sunni Arab states is on a military offensive against Shiite Houthi militants in Yemen, recently proclaimed by America’s president as a brilliant example of war on terror, but now catapulting the Middle East into the inferno of battle. “Saudi Arabia has initiated an international military operation in Yemen that many experts are already calling a proxy ... Read More »

Rebranding Al Qaeda’s Jabhat Al Nusra as “Moderates”


The CIA backed and armed Syrian rebel group, Hazm brigade disbanded and its members have defected to Al Qaeda linked Jabhat Al Nusra (JAN) and ISIS, writes Maram Susli. Hazm brigade also left behind a warehouse of US provided weapons, including anti-tank TOW missiles, which JAN has seized. With no one left to arm against the Syrian state but JAN, ... Read More »

Terrorism is alien to Syrians and their history

Syria Greek Orthodox Patriarch SANA

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All East John X Yazigi on Saturday visited the city of Mhardeh and the town of Kafr Bahm as part of a visit to Hama province. Patriarch Yazigi said that terrorism and the takfiri mentality have no place in Syria as they are alien to Syrians and their history, asserting that Syria’s Christians will ... Read More »

The Real Syrian Moderates: Voices of Reason

Syria Grand Mufti Moderate

While the Western-led, anti-Assad bloc mind-blowingly speaks of arming non-existent “moderates” to fight in Syria, they also continue to demonize and silence the very voices that offer a true means of bringing peace and stability back to the region. Two of these voices are: Political and Media Adviser to President al-Assad, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban; and Syria’s highest Muslim official and ... Read More »

All Churches in Cairo Must Be Destroyed: ISIS

ISIS Church weapons

Hussein bin Mahmoud, a jurist of Sharia law for the Islamic State, said in an article published on February 17 and appearing in various jihadi websites that all Christian churches in Cairo must be demolished, writes Raymond Ibrahim. Titled the “Ruling on Egypt’s Christians,” the article, written like a fatwa, asserts that The ruling concerning the churches that are in Cairo ... Read More »

We Palestinians hold the key to a prosperous future


I am a proud Palestinian who grew up in a refugee camp and raised a large family. I want peace and prosperity for my people. I want an end to the misery and the destruction, writes Bassem Eid. (Photo: Al Jazeera) “After 66 years of mistakes and missed opportunities, it is time for us Palestinians to create the conditions for ... Read More »

‘Terrified, disorganized & high on drugs’: Fighting Brits describe meeting IS militants

UK Brits figting for Kurds meet ISIS, Facebook

A former British soldier who left the country to join Kurdish fighters battling the Islamic State has spoken about his experiences, claiming the majority of IS fighters were high on drugs and left “office workers and villagers” terrified. Jamie Read is one of two British ex-soldiers who joined the Peshmerga in November last year. He served in the army for ... Read More »

Obama: Islam is woven into the Fabric of the US Since its Founding

USA founding Howard Chandler Christy

Breitbart: “Here in America,” Obama stated, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” Obama seems significantly more comfortable with this characterization of the historic role of Islam than he is with the non-fictional actual historic role of Christianity and Judaism in the American founding. (Photo: Howard Chandler Christy) After all, this is the same ... Read More »