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The Quran and Eternal War

Syria crucifixion 2014

Exclusive for VIE by Raymond Ibrahim: News recently emerged that Russia was banning key Islamic scriptures—including Sahih Bukhari—on the charge that they promote “exclusivity [supremacism] of one of the world’s religions,” namely Islam; or, in the words of a senior assistant to the prosecutor of Tatarstan Ruslan Galliev, “a militant Islam” which “arouses ethnic, religious enmity.” (Photo: Syrian man crucified ... Read More »

Female jihadists run ISIS sex-slave brothels

UK female jihadis Twitter

Al- Arabiya: Startling details have surfaced of British female jihadists forcing captured Iraqi women into sexual slavery at brothels run by militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), British media reported Thursday. (Photo: Twitter) The Brothels, operated by the female “police force” called the al-Khanssaa Brigade, have been set up for the use of ISIS militants, according ... Read More »

The economic decline in America: 90 % poorer today than 1987

USA us-economy_AFP

The American Dream is slipping further away from the vast majority of Americans than it has in a quarter century. Now 90 percent of US households are poorer than they were in 1987, according to both a new study and the head of the Federal Reserve. (Photo: AFP) “The new, harsh reality is that the bottom 90 percent of households are ... Read More »

Americans work so hard it is becoming a problem

New York

A new study finds that last year, the average US worker took just 16 days of paid time off, down from the 20.3 days workers were taking off, on average, between 1976 and 2000. The study was conducted by Oxford Economics and paid for by the US Travel Association, a group representing companies in the travel industry and government tourism ... Read More »

Tops global threat poll: Religious hatred and wealth inequality

USA religion_REUTERS

Middle Easterners see religious and ethnic hatred as the top global threat, according to a Pew survey published last week. Meanwhile in Europe, fear of inequality prevails. However, religious hatred is seen as a growing threat throughout the world. (Photo: Reuters) “The survey, conducted in 44 countries among 48,643 respondents between March 17 and June 5 this year, provided respondents ... Read More »

If I were Jewish in France, I’d leave and join the IDF

France Jews should leave AFP

Marseille police official makes statement to Kurdish activists protesting world inaction to save brethren in Syria, Iraq from IS. (Photo: AFP) A senior official with the police department of Marseille in southern France said that if he were Jewish, he would leave for Israel and join its army. Gilles Gray, who is the secretary of the city’s prefect of police, made ... Read More »

Actor Ben Affleck’s defense of Islam, which he believes to be similar to Western postmodern relativism

Ben Affleck

Raymond Ibrahim: The value of actor Ben Affleck’s recent outbursts in defense of Islam on HBO’s Real Time is that here, in one 10-minute segment, we have all the leftist/liberal bromides used whenever Islam is criticized. In what follows, Affleck’s main arguments are presented and then discredited. At the start, when author Sam Harris began making some critical remarks concerning Islam, ... Read More »

UK schoolboys turned to Jihad

UK Brighton schoolboys led to jihad, CNN

Brighton, England (CNN) — A blurry Skype signal stirs to life. From a battlefront in northwest Syria a British jihadi fighter has a message for the mother of his childhood friend. (Photo: CNN) Amer Deghayes, 20, is the eldest of four Brighton youths known to have gone to fight in Syria He told CNN he had been inspired by European recruits ... Read More »

Prayers for peace in Syria in Armenian Catholic Archdiocese in Damascus

Archbishop Arnaouti recently said that Syria managed to confront the conspiracy targeting it thanks to the unity of its people, Christians and Muslims alike, praying to God to protect Syria and its people and army. (Photo: Sana) Prayers for peace in Syria were held on Saturday at the Armenian Catholic Archdiocese in Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus. The prayers were ... Read More »