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Billy Graham: America Just as Wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah

Billy Graham x

In a commentary in the October 2014 edition of Decision magazine published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Rev. Billy Graham boldly compared the U.S. to Sodom and Gomorrah, deserving of the judgment of God but able to be saved by hearts made pure by Christ and willing to pray for the nation’s protection. “We have come to a place where ... Read More »

The New Western Totalitarians

USA Europe The New Totalitarians New-Totalitarianism- cred Breakingpoint

In the first century, Eric Metaxas writes, Jesus was asked whether the Jewish people, who were under pagan, Roman occupation, should pay taxes to Caesar. The Lord, of course, said we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s. But in 21st century America, Caesar is angling for a better deal — and he’s ... Read More »

Photo exhibition show terrorists’ systematic destruction of Syria’s heritage

Syria Archeology destroyed by ISIS Ban Ki Moon   SANA

A photo exhibition opened at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York showing the damage caused to the Syrian cultural heritage at the hands of the terrorist organizations. “Pictures of Syrian archeological sites and monuments before and after the destruction intentionaly inflicted by the terrorists were showcased at the exhibition, which is organized by the Ministry of Tourism ... Read More »

400 New Foreign Fighters Join Kurdish Militia

Syria Kurdish Militia 400 foreigners Photo YPG

Hundreds of foreign fighters including Westerners have joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia in Syria in recent months, according to a report Thursday, TeleSur reports. (Photo: YPG) “Over 400 international fighters have flocked to the YPG’s ranks in recent months, according to the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The YPG aims to carve out political autonomy for regions in Syria’s predominantly ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton – the defender of corporate capitalism in American politics

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RT: Even if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential race and upholds to her promises, there’ll still be 50 million people in abject poverty and generations living in debt, said Ben Manski, campaign manager for 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein. Hillary Clinton has officially confirmed she’s running for President. She addressed supporters in New York on Saturday. That was ... Read More »

Why Arabs keep loosing Wars


Norvell De Atkine, a U.S. Army retired colonel with eight years residence in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, and a graduate degree in Arab studies from the American University of Beirut, is currently instructing U.S. Army personnel assigned to Middle Eastern areas. The opinions expressed here are strictly his own. “Arabic-speaking armies have been generally ineffective in the modern era. Egyptian ... Read More »

New York Times Reports U.S. Giving al-Qaeda Millions of Dollars

USA Fox News Tax dollars to terrorists

Staggering amount of evidence reveals terror is U.S. and Saudi creation, writes Info Wars. The U.S. government says it has given al-Qaeda millions of dollars “largely because of poor oversight and loose financial controls,” reports The New York Times. Accodding to Fox News and the corporate media it is merely another instance of graft and government mismanagement. The money, supposedly ... Read More »