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Europe Should Learn Ethiopia’s ‘Islam Lesson’

Ethiopia Christians Ancient Cross

Yet another Christian church was destroyed by Muslims in Ethiopia—this time by local authorities, writes Raymond Ibrahim in an exclusive article for VIE. Heaven’s Light Church, which served some 100 evangelical Christians, was demolished last November 28.  The church had stood and functioned in the Muslim-majority city of Harar for five years.  In the days preceding the destruction, officials forcibly ... Read More »

Christian Professor Qaiser Ayub Arrested for Blasphemy against Islam in Pakistan, facing execution

Pakistan Pastor Arrest, International Christian Concern

“A 40-year-old Christian man was reportedly arrested for blasphemy in Lahore, Pakistan, and has been charged with insulting the Prophet Mohammad, the same offense that Christian mother-of-five Asia Bibi is facing the death penalty for, reports The Christian Post. Qaiser Ayub, a computer science professor, had been a fugitive for close to three years, Fides News Agency reported. He was charged ... Read More »

Wiping Out the Christians of Syria and Iraq: to Remap the Middle East

CHristians killed Egypt, photo Mohamed Umar

The Christian communities of Syria, which constitute at least 10% of the Syrian population, have been systematically targeted by sunni Islamists; their churches have been attached and desecrated; their priests, monks, and nuns murdered; and generally discriminated against by the anti-government forces that the US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and their allies support. Historically, the Levant is ... Read More »

The end of Christianity in the Middle East could mean the demise of Arab secularism

arab christian retreat

In a Middle East rebuilt on intolerant ideologies, there is likely to be little place for beleaguered minorities, writes The Guardian. (Photo: The Church of the Virgin Mary, Iraq 2012) The past decade has been catastrophic for the Arab world’s beleaguered 12 million strong Christian minority. In Egypt revolution and counter-revolution have been accompanied by a series of anti-Copt riots, ... Read More »

Assyrian Christians in Australia Protest ISIS Treatment of Christians


Over 6,000 Assyrian Christians gathered in Belmore Park in Australia to raise awareness of the inhumane treatment Christians receive by the Islamic State ISIS, in Syria and Iraq, Breitbart reports. The terrorist group is raging a war against Christians and Muslims in order to establish a worldwide caliphate ruled under extreme Sharia law. The community leaders explained to the crowd ... Read More »

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World

Cairo killed CHristian COpts photo Redux

We hear so often about Muslims as victims of abuse in the West and combatants in the Arab Spring’s fight against tyranny, writes Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Newsweek. (Photo: Redux) But, in fact, a wholly different kind of war is underway—an unrecognized battle costing thousands of lives. Christians are being killed in the Islamic world because of their religion. It ... Read More »

Christians are the world’s most persecuted group


Although the persecution of Christians is widespread—Nigeria is where most are actually being killed, North Korea is the most repressive, China represses the largest number—the Pledge of Solidarity focuses on the Middle East and specifically on Syria, Iraq, and Egypt, The Weekly Standard reports. These are countries where the situation has deteriorated rapidly to the point where Christian communities—along with ... Read More »

Omar Mulinde, victim of Muslim acid attack, returns to Uganda


In a much-awaited homecoming celebration on May 25, Pastor Umar Mulinde was welcomed by his wife, six children, and church in Kampala, Uganda, reports Voice Martyrs. The pastor and his church members celebrated the victory of his survival and long recovery after Pastor Umar was the victim of an acid attack by radical Muslims on Christmas Eve, 2011. The celebration ... Read More »

USA chief facilitator of Christian Persecution in the Middle East


Prominent indicators confirm that the U.S. is the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians around the world today, Raymond Ibrahim reports. (Photo from Our Lady of Salvation Church, Iraq after jihadi suicide killing dozens) According to the recently released 2014 World Watch List, which ranks the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted, Syria is the third worst nation ... Read More »