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Isis in Syria: Only a few thousand Christians remain to defy militants

Syria, damaged Icon, Maalula

Distraught priests tell Robert Fisk of the persecution that has brought their Church to its knees.  15 miles from the frontline of Isis, which persecutes their faith, the Christians of Qamishli gathered in the Church of the Holy Virgin for the wedding of Malek Aissa and Ilana Hacho, reports The Independent. (Photo: Damaged icons inside the church of the monastery of ... Read More »

Pope Francis praises human rights and religious freedom

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has spoken out against those who use religion as a pretext for violence and oppression, in his clearest denunciation yet of the Islamic state militants murdering their way across Syria and Iraq. (Photo: AP) “The pope made his comments during a one-day visit to Albania, during which he praised the good relations between its majority Muslim community and its ... Read More »

The West is the cause, not the solution, of the chaos in the Middle East

Syria, the Syrian Army

Since 2011, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has waged a relentless war within Syrian territory against what it has said from the very beginning was an invasion of heavily armed, foreign-backed sectarian extremists. New Eastern Outlook reports. “In retrospect, the transparently ludicrous nature of articles like the Guardian’s “Syria’s rebels unite to oust Assad and push for democracy” is self-evident. ... Read More »

Horrific and Graphic Video showing ISIS executing civilians

ISIS executions Raymond Ibrahim GRAPHIC

Horrific and Graphic Video showing ISIS atrocities as they reportedly execute 1500 civilians. Raymond Ibrahim reports: “The following video depicts the Islamic terrorist organization still popularly known as “ISIS” executing reportedly some 1,500 civilians. It is graphic, especially around the 2:30 mark, when the savages start executing the men (the women and children were herded and sold as slaves, sexual or ... Read More »

Religious leaders of the anti-government fighters declared it lawful to rape «any non-Sunni woman”

IRAQ Christians in Al Qush Photo Associated Press

Islamic religious leaders of the anti-government fighters in Syria declared it lawful for the anti-government fighters to rape «any non-Sunni Syrian woman» that they desired; the declarations of these corrupt Islamists have been used to justify the rape, humiliation, torture, and murder of women and girls in towns and territory captured by groups like the so-called Free Syrian Army, Jabhat Al-Nusra, ... Read More »

Wiping Out the Christians of Syria and Iraq: to Remap the Middle East

CHristians killed Egypt, photo Mohamed Umar

The Christian communities of Syria, which constitute at least 10% of the Syrian population, have been systematically targeted by sunni Islamists; their churches have been attached and desecrated; their priests, monks, and nuns murdered; and generally discriminated against by the anti-government forces that the US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and their allies support. Historically, the Levant is ... Read More »

The end of Christianity in the Middle East could mean the demise of Arab secularism

arab christian retreat

In a Middle East rebuilt on intolerant ideologies, there is likely to be little place for beleaguered minorities, writes The Guardian. (Photo: The Church of the Virgin Mary, Iraq 2012) The past decade has been catastrophic for the Arab world’s beleaguered 12 million strong Christian minority. In Egypt revolution and counter-revolution have been accompanied by a series of anti-Copt riots, ... Read More »

Assyrian Christians in Australia Protest ISIS Treatment of Christians


Over 6,000 Assyrian Christians gathered in Belmore Park in Australia to raise awareness of the inhumane treatment Christians receive by the Islamic State ISIS, in Syria and Iraq, Breitbart reports. The terrorist group is raging a war against Christians and Muslims in order to establish a worldwide caliphate ruled under extreme Sharia law. The community leaders explained to the crowd ... Read More »

1800 years old Church burned to the ground by ISIS in Mosul

Burning 1800 years old church Mosul ISIS AP photo

Militants from the radical jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have set fire to a 1,800-year-old church in Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul, a photo released Saturday shows, Al Arabiya reports. (Photo: Associated Press) The burning of the church is the latest in a series of destruction of Christian property in Mosul, which was taken by the ... Read More »