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Pope Francis praises human rights and religious freedom

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has spoken out against those who use religion as a pretext for violence and oppression, in his clearest denunciation yet of the Islamic state militants murdering their way across Syria and Iraq. (Photo: AP) “The pope made his comments during a one-day visit to Albania, during which he praised the good relations between its majority Muslim community and its ... Read More »

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World

Cairo killed CHristian COpts photo Redux

We hear so often about Muslims as victims of abuse in the West and combatants in the Arab Spring’s fight against tyranny, writes Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Newsweek. (Photo: Redux) But, in fact, a wholly different kind of war is underway—an unrecognized battle costing thousands of lives. Christians are being killed in the Islamic world because of their religion. It ... Read More »

The New York Times Defends Al-Qaeda

531boko haram

Why are some of the biggest Western mainstream media outlets, Gatestone(Raymond Ibrahim reports —especially the New York Times (NYT)—often apologetic, not only for radical Islamists, but for al-Qaeda, an organization responsible for, among other atrocities, killing nearly 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001? A recent NYT report titled “Abduction of Girls an Act Not Even Al Qaeda Can Condone” tries to ... Read More »

Many don’t want atheist in-laws


Brace yourself for family backlash if you plan to marry an atheist, RNS reports. A new Pew Research survey chiefly focused on political polarization also found Americans divided when someone in the family picks a nonbeliever to marry. READ: In mixed-faith marriages, focus on ‘values,’ not ‘beliefs’ (RNS) Atheists are the most unwanted future relative, by far. Nearly half (49 percent) of Americans ... Read More »

Got religion on campus? Leave it off your resume


Recent college grads, take note: Mentioning a campus religion group on your resume — particularly a Muslim club — may lead to significantly fewer job opportunities, RNS reports.  Two new sociology studies find new graduates who included a religious mention on a resume were much less likely to hear back from potential employers. The studies used fictitious resumes — with bland ... Read More »