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Pope Francis praises the ‘hidden holiness’ of everyday saints

pope-Bethlehem-gra_2921640k AP photo

Pope Francis cautioned against the false appearances of those who are proud or vain, saying that true holiness is found in the silent, everyday witness of the poor and humble. (Photo: AP) “We should think about so much hidden holiness there is in the Church; Christians who remain in Jesus,” the Pope told those present in the Vatican’s Saint Martha guesthouse ... Read More »

Pope Francis: Maintain a lively faith, lest your churches become dust-filled museums

Pope Francis_celebrates_Mass_for_the_Feast_of_Pentecost_in_St_Peters_Basilica_on_June_8_2014_Credit_Daniel_Ibez_CNA

In an address to the Swiss bishops on Monday, Pope Francis urged them maintain a lively faith, lest their country’s religious buildings become nothing more than dust-filled museums, writes Catholic News Agency. (Photo: CNA) The Holy Father also used the opportunity to encourage the bishops to live their episcopal fatherhood; to uphold the ministerial priesthood; to engage in frank ecumenism; ... Read More »

Pope Francis praises human rights and religious freedom

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has spoken out against those who use religion as a pretext for violence and oppression, in his clearest denunciation yet of the Islamic state militants murdering their way across Syria and Iraq. (Photo: AP) “The pope made his comments during a one-day visit to Albania, during which he praised the good relations between its majority Muslim community and its ... Read More »

Pope Francis effect: Hundreds of thousands come back to Church in Europe


Researchers say more than half of Catholic priests have reported significant rise in attendance since election of new pontiff. (Photo: AFP) “Hundreds of thousands of Italian Catholics have flocked back to church since the election of the pope, according to a study published on Mondaythat credits the “Francis effect” for the boost in congregations. Researcher Massimo Introvigne, a sociologist and ... Read More »

Pope Francis: Don’t use religion as pretext for violence

Albania Pope Francis

Pope Francis paid a prayerful and emotional visit to Albania last Sunday and spoke out against those who use religion as pretext for violence. “Despite initial safety concerns during the visit, the Holy Father was widely welcomed, with Muslims gathering in a mosque in Tirana, the capital city, to pray for the Holy Father. During the one-day trip, the Pope’s ... Read More »

Pope: service to others frees us from ‘existential grayness’


In his homily during Mass for Saturday’s trip to Molise, Pope Francis explained that the Church is a people that both serves God and lives in the freedom that he gives from oppression, Catholic News Agency reports. (Photo: Getty) “This is the freedom that, by the grace of God, we experience in the Christian community when we put ourselves at ... Read More »

Pope Francis calls out ‘greedy’ bankers: ‘Stop getting rich on financial speculation!’


Pope Francis has called on “greedy” bankers to establish a stricter ethics code, and stop getting rich through financial market speculation, RT reports. He attacked the practice of hedging as ‘intolerable’ equating it to stealing food from the poor. (Photo Reuters) “It is increasingly intolerable that financial markets are shaping the destiny of peoples rather than serving their needs, or ... Read More »