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Israel and Sunni powers display convergent interests

_75300708_egypt_sisi_g GETTY photo

The surprising cooperation, doors that might open to which Netanyahu referred in an address to the nation seems an allusion to key Sunni countries in the region, Two-and-a-half sentences stuck out from all the others in Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s comments to the nation Saturday night when he said Operation Protective Edge would continue, albeit with the troops deployed differently. ... Read More »

Appetites of ISIS extend far beyond Iraq & Syria’

isis-appetites-iraq-syriaISIS Iraq AFP photo

Recent events in the Middle East have become a tipping point not only for the region, but the entire world, RT reports. (Photo: AFP) The biggest concern now, not to mention Syria, is an extremely complex situation in Iraq. A so-called ‘Islamic caliphate’ has been established in this country and neighboring Syria. It is obvious that the appetites of the Islamic ... Read More »