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British born, highly educated or isolated Muslims most likely to be Radicalized – Study

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Financially stable British-born Muslims who take their security for granted are most at risk of radicalization by terror groups, according to new research. Socially isolated and depressed Muslims are also identified. (Photo: Reuters) “The University of London study surveyed more than 600 Muslim men and women aged 18 to 45 living in East London and Bradford. The study, published in the ... Read More »

Dark net used by tens of thousands of UK paedophiles


Tens of thousands of paedophiles are using the so-called dark net to trade images of sexual abuse, an investigation by BBC News indicates. One site receives as many as 500 page views per second, its founder says. Figures from another site suggest Brits are heavily involved in producing and distributing illegal obscene images. Britain’s National Crime Agency warned in its ... Read More »

Cameron tells MPs: Christianity can make politicians good


David Cameron becomes first prime minister since Margaret Thatcher to join US-style prayer breakfast in Parliament, The Telegraph reports. David Cameron has insisted that being a Christian helps make him a better politician. His comments came as he became the first prime minister since Margaret Thatcher to attend Britain’s national parliamentary“prayer breakfast”. It follows a debate over Mr Cameron’s remarks ... Read More »